'Tis the night before brewing

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Andrew Maxwell is the brewmaster of Rivertowne Brewing Co., which recently installed the above brewhouse in a huge new space in Murrysville. Tomorrow, Dec. 22, they fire it up. Mr. Maxwell was inspired to pen this piece, which you also can watch him read on YouTube.

‘Twas The Night Before Brewing

‘Twas the night before Brewing, when all through the plant
Pumps finally purring, ending our rants.
The tap room pours beer we are happy to share,
With the destiny of Production finally there.

Brewers are nestled drunk in their beds,
Anticipation of brewing dances in their heads.
Chris is his boots, and I in my hat,
The world hasn’t ended; it is a bunch of Mayan crap.

When out of the silo there were 900 kilos of malt,
We stared at the flow scale praying for “no fault.”
Malt hit the grist case to the mash kettle below,
Spun through the lauter tun, kettle and whirlpool you know.

Hopped wort hits the heat exchanger for perfect cast out,
Hits the fermenter where yeast likes lights out.
With beer controllably fermenting, we finally smile
14 years of planning is a long frickin’ while.

Beer drinkers all over be happily aware,
Our 6 brands of cans will soon be there.
So stand for a moment and raise one all night,
Thanks SANTA for bringing this long awaited Pint!

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