Throw out your pint glasses

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The pint glass is over.

At least for India pale ales.

So proclaims a news release for what's billed as "the world's first IPA-specific glass."

German glassmaker Spiegelau says it worked with Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head breweries to settle on one new glass, from a narrowed-down field of eight prototypes, to best "showcase varying aromatic profiles for the American ‘hop forward' IPA beer, preserve a frothy head and volatiles and maintain a comfortably wide opening for the drinker to 'nose' the beer."

The full glass, literally, looks like this:

02122013fullspeigelauIt's 7 1/3 inches high and holds 19 ounces.

The description also highlights its thin glass walls and tapered bowl, plus: "Wave-like ridges aerate beer into and out of the glass to balance flavors as you drink."

Spiegelau Vice President Matthew Rutkowski is quoted in the release as saying, "The goal of this initiative was to develop a glass that would serve as the new global standard for the American IPA style of beer, just as the world recognizes ‘wheat’, ‘pilsner’ and other beer glass styles. We are thrilled to have collaborated with America’s preeminent IPA brewers on this project, as this further validates that we are offering beer drinkers a glass that will maximize their tasting experience to its fullest potential."

Lending thumbs-ups and their names to the new glassware are Sierra and Dogfish founders Ken Grossman and Sam Calagione. The former is quoted as saying, "Hop-forward beers are close to our hearts, and we’ve had fun figuring out how to best highlight an IPA’s nuances.

"We imagine hopheads will enjoy giving the glass a try.”

The new IPA-specific glasses won't be available for sale until April -- you can preorder them via Riedel USA for May delivery for $24.90 a pair (plus shipping, which can't be cheap) -- but they are to start showing up at the two collaborating breweries and their stores, as well as at bars and restaurants that serve Sierra Nevada or Dogfish Head brews.

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