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A gingerbread man post

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My heart soared to see that gingerbread men -- people? -- are back at Au Bon Pain.

But when I went to buy one ($1.69 plus tax, 210 calories) today for lunch at Fifth Avenue Place, I was a bit disappointed that this holiday season's cookies no longer are decorated with raisins, but rather just white icing.

It was kind of boring to look at, but not bad to eat.

"I want a leg," said my colleague L.A.

But as you can see in the photo above, I put my gingerbread man -- person? -- to work on the blog first.

Do you know a place in Pittsburgh that makes really good, and good-looking, gingerbread men and/or women or children?

Please send me your tips and I'll share them here before I go out to buy some of the cookies.

And send me your gingerbread people photos, and I'll post the best of those here, too.

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