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Eat these fried cauliflower eggs

Written by Melissa McCart on

poachedWhat: Egg, parsnip, oat ($9) at Salt of the Earth in Garfield.

How: "This really nice Amish dude gives us really nice eggs," said sous chef Chad Townsend.

"We do a traditional poach in water that's seasoned more aggressively with vinegar and salt," he said.

"Just before it's ready, we transfer it to an ice bath. When they're cold, they're easier to work with."

The kitchen gets meta by washing eggs with egg, followed by a breading that's 50-50 panko to cauliflower.

"We shave and chop cauliflower so it's the same texture and size as panko," he said. 

An oatmeal garnish features toasted oats and a parsnip puree. It's finished in a bone marrow bearnaise, with half the clarified butter substituted with marrow fat. 

"I love eggs in any form," said Mr. Townsend, " whether it's diner eggs or sabayon."

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