Vote the hot ticket

Written by Miriam Rubin on

Dave's Gourmet
of San Francisco has created two special-label hot sauces just for Tuesday's election: Barak Obama Adjustable Origin Hot Sauce and Mitt Romney Adjustable Opinion Hot Sauce.
According to Dave Hirshkop, "Our last hot sauce race predicted the current president and we think that it will work again!"           

Each hot sauce has a specialized political factoids label. On Mr. Obama's (it contains Hope and Change, along with no preservatives), you get to track where people may think he was born, and on Mr. Romney's you learn about his changing positions.

The adjustable-heat bottle is really two bottles attached together that share a cap. Turn the cap one way to change the mixture and adjust the sauce so it's hotter or milder, to your taste.
Register your presidential choice for free by visiting Dave's website, where, if you buy a bottle of hot sauce ($14.95), you get to "buy" extra votes as well.

Be sure to also vote on Tuesday, at your polling place.

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