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takoyakiWhether it's apple cider holes or sugar-dusted beignets, variations on donuts can satiate a sweet craving. But fried batter isn't just for dessert.  Cuisine from around the world offers savory donut variations. Here's a short list of where to find them in Pittsburgh.

Takoyaki at Teppanyaki Kyoto
Served with spicy mayonnaise, bonito flakes and okonomiyaki sauce, takoyaki is Japanese street food that originated in Osaka in the 1930s. Usually, these fried dumplings offer savory bites of octopus within.

Arancini at Il Pizzaiolo
Who would have thought rich risotto could get more decadent? Arancini at this Mt. Lebanon restaurant is made from leftover risotto that's breaded into form and fried just long enough to melt fresh mozzarella inside the croquette. 

Lentil & corn beignets at Kaya
An accompaniment for cocktails at this staple restaurant in the Strip are lentil & corn beignets, a vegetarian fritter enticing for the donut in the name.

Kimchi balls at The Butterjoint
A work in progress in the kitchen at Legume, these bites are inspired by sauerkraut balls. Fried in beef tallow, fritters offer a taste of housemade kimchi and ground pork.

Vada from Udipi Cafe
Indian donuts made from lentils can be spiked with green chilis, curry and onion. At Udipi, they're available plain, with yogurt, or dusted with rasam for a chili powder kick.

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