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  • The language of food
    Stephanie McFeeters and Rebecca Droke head out to the University of Pittsburgh where they join some language students for one of their regular summer ethnic picnics.
  • Legume
    Dining critic Melissa McCart is drawn back to Oakland's Legume Bistro for many of its attributes, including "a soul, a center, thoughtfulness, movement."
  • Munch goes to Il Tetto
    Munch, aka Dan Gigler, heads up onto the rooftop of Sienna Mercato and really enjoys the views, including the one of his plate.
  • New brewery opens in the Strip
    Bob Batz Jr. visits Milkman Brewing as it opens in the Strip District and checks out the Crowlers at Hough's in Greenfield.
One of the best things to happen to me today was receiving a news release on Word stationery from the "NUTMobile Department."That is an actual part of the Planters division of Kraft Foods, which, taking a page straight out of the glovebox of the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, is...
[Updated at 2:30 p.m. July 30 with new truck locations.]Can eating ice cream be a political statement?It can this Wednesday and Thursday, July 30 and 31, when the Climate Reality Project brings free Ben & Jerry's ice cream to Pittsburgh. We're one of four cities (along...
This week, we have pizza feuds and frozen desserts. Here's what's dishing on the blogs we follow:Dan from Pizza Walk with Me uncovered a new and exciting pizza rivalry between Pizza Boat and the new competitor in town, Bread + Salt. To learn more, Pittsburgh Magazine invites us...
An Italian-American special-occasion restaurant since 1977, D'Imperio's Restaurant in Wilkins will close Aug. 2."It's time to quit while I still have the energy," said owner Tony D'Imperio. In recent years, the restaurant had been busy during holidays, " but during...
Looking for an unusual outing this weekend? Reese Winery is celebrating its opening in McDonald with free wine tastings all weekend. Winemaker Teresa Reese and her husband, Mitchell, moved here last year from North Carolina. He  is the district manager for the Cracker...
This week, we have summer staples and sweet things. Here's what's dishing on the blogs we follow:With summer in full swing, grilling is a must! Jessica from How Sweet It Is was obsessed with these mouthwatering Smoky Sweet Cherry Pepper Cheeseburgers, whereas Bill from Three...
Chef David Racicot is well-known for the ultra-creative, modernist dishes he cooks up at Notion and the absolutely gorgeous way he plates them. It's the very definition of culinary artistry.By hey -- we eaters like to dabble in the arts, too, given the chance. Especially when...
Pittsburgh's craft rum distiller, Maggie's Farm, is releasing a specially made reserve rum named the Queen's Share by closing off its 3200 Smallman Street block for its first annual Zombie Party. From 4 to 8 p.m. on Sunday, July 27, the street should be crawling with...
There are a handful of openings and closing announcements this week, starting with:1. India Garden in Oakland has closed. The restaurant owned by Didar Singh is listed for sale for $1,300,000.  Mr. Singh also owns the year-old All India, but its opening head chef,...
So, breakfast in a pizza shop? Like many residents of Penn Township, my son and I were anxiously awaiting the opening of Aiello's Pizza LLC here in Harrison City for what seems like an eternity. (It's not affiliated with the famed Squirrel Hill Aiello's, but owner Pete...
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