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  • Discovering Hidden Harvest
    Jessica Server goes on one of the first pickings with a new local group that harvests fruit and nuts and shares them with hungry people, the tree owners and volunteers.
  • Cafe Diyor
    If you're up for an adventure, writes dining critic Melissa McCart, get introduced to Uzbek food at this new Downtown cafe.
  • Munch goes to San Lorenzo
    Munch, aka Dan Gigler, goes with his dad to San Lorenzo Ristorante, a "fine addition of Roman flair" to Lawrenceville.
  • A gift of 300 Crock-Pots
    Bob Batz Jr. visits Milkman Brewing as it opens in the Strip District and checks out the Crowlers at Hough's in Greenfield.
This week, we have gluten-free desserts and comforting entrees. Here's what's dishing on the blogs we follow:Since life is short I'll dive straight into desserts. Culinary Cory posted a juicy Gluten-free Blueberry Cobbler. The Brown Eyed Baker shared her recipe for nicely spiced...
There is a TON going on this weekend, but one hot ticket is the one above -- for the release party for the third issue of the Urbanist, a printed guide to independent attractions across the city in the areas of food, drink, art, shopping and more. So Saturday's PGH Spring...
Most people have never had a chance to taste hop shoots. They are the newest spring growth on the bines of the hop plants, which need to be thinned. The shoots are a pricey delicacy at some restaurants in Europe and elsewhere. (One Maine farm is selling them to...
Sunday is National Pretzel Day, which means that Philly Pretzel Factory locations around the country -- including Bridgeville, Cranberry and Monroeville -- will give customers a free soft pretzel. Philly Pretzel Factory photo
For all you folks who have to pick up something on your way home from work for dinner, here’s a reminder: Market St. Grocery opens today.Be it a box of pasta, sauce, a block of imported parmesan to grate on top of it or a bottle of Italian vino to wash the meal down — or maybe...
Prepare to put away some pierogies.Brandon McCarthy, brewmaster at Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery in Homestead, is behind a fundraiser there tomorrow night (6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 22) where he’ll serve halushki with noodles he made from scratch, more than 40...
It's Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week, April 17 through 26, and there is a huge slate of events and special collaborative brews. I was able to make it today to one event that captured the spirit of #PCBW on multiple levels: The Hardway Homebrew Competition at Hitchhiker Brewing...
This week, we have an eclectic roundup sprinkled with bright Mexican flavors and pizza news. Here's what's dishing on the blogs we follow:The Hungry Hounds introduced us to a smokey Charred Ancho Mexican Red Rice and Jessica from How Sweet It Is whipped up wonderfully Easy...
The barbecue restaurant Smoq Pitt opened on Saturday iat 600 Brookline Blvd. in Brookline in what had been Bama's Southern Kitchen. Chicagoan Mitch Liebovich is the proprietor. He's living at his in-laws in New Sewickley Township before his wife, Linda, wraps up her...
The former owner of the Mighty Oak Barrel in Oakmont, Grainne Trainor, opened what had been Blue Dining and what's now Blue North in McCandless this past Thursday night. The images, above and below, are sample menus. The final can be accessed at the website,...
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