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Still haven't found that perfect hostess gift or Christmas stocking stuffer? Food-lovers on your list will appreciate a bottle of olio nuovo, the cloudy, fresh-pressed "new oil" that is available only for a short period this time of year.

Unlike other olive oils, which are put into tanks for a few months to allow the fruit particles and other sediments to settle, olio nuovo is bottled within 24 hours of being pressed. The result is a deep-green oil that's intensely fruity and grassy tasting, with a strong aroma.figueroa olive oil

bucketLocally, you can find limited quantities of olio nuovo from a pair of small California olive oil producers at the "California Connection" stand at Farmers' Market Cooperative of East Liberty, 344 N. Sheridan Ave. They include the artisan-crafted nuovo from Olio Nuevo, Art Kishiyama's farm in Paso Robles, and oil from Figueroa Farms in Santa Ynez.  Both companies have earned the "Extra Virgin Seal" from the California Olive Oil Council, a nonprofit and marketing association that promotes the growing of olives and production of high-quality extra-virgin olive oil in California.

The oil will be available starting this Sat., Dec. 22, from 7 a.m. to noon. Cost is $20 for a refillable 500-ml bottle. 

Photos from California Olive Oil Council (top), Olio Nuevo (left) and Figueroa Farms (right)

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