Everyday Noodles to open in Squirrel Hill

Written by Melissa McCart on

everydaynoodlesIn an neighborhood hospitable to Asian restaurants, Squirrel Hill will accommodate Everyday Noodles, a handmade noodle and soup dumpling shop at 5875 Forbes Ave. 

Everyday Noodles will join Rose Tea Cafe, How Lee and a soon-to-open ramen shop on the stretch. 

The restaurant will replace what had been Sirani Gallery. 

The question remains as to whether noodles will be made in-house or off-premise and whether the range will include rice, udon, soba, cellophane, egg or hand-pulled varieties. 

Rice noodles are among the easiest to make on-site, which explains why they're so readily available. First, rice is ground and made into a batter with water. Then it's steamed in a baking pan, layered with oil, and steamed again. Sheet pans of the final product, uncut, allow restaurants to cut noodles to order: wide, thin or asymmetrical.

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